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Ever wondered how it feels to build something from the ground up?

IISER Berhampur is very young. If she were a person, she'd probably be learning to speak right now. Sometimes, though, you've gotta run before you can walk.

With a mostly white canvas of an institute to work with, we at team KYRAT are about to splash paint around like there's no tomorrow,

and you, dear reader, are invited to join us in laying the foundation that will one day seize the minds and hearts of millions.

 (or not, we can't see the future, but that won't stop us from trying!)  

Illustrated Mountains

Kyrát 21

Cloud Edition

6th, 7th, 8th March


any doubt?





Harshit Pal(Cultural Secretary): csac@iiserbpr.ac.in


   Anirudh Moza:




IISER Berhampur Transit Campus

Khodasingi, Brahmapur

Odisha 760010


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