Participate in a fun mobile game from our school days. Consisting of 10 levels including deathmatches, race, capturing the flag and more fun drizzled modes. One who scores most points wins.



  • Date: 8th March

  • Participants must register themselves first

  • Game will be a Solo Free for all mode with 10            different levels

  • Player with most points at the end of the game wins

  • Cheating, Profanity or abusing in chat/voice channel will cause disqualification of that player

  • Participants are responsible for their own internet        connectivity, ping.

  • Rules are subject to change and new rules can be        added at anytime by coordinators. In any dispute        coordinator’s decision will be final.


Winner: Rs. 750

Runner up : Rs. 500

Note: This event is for IISER Bpr people and the link provided here is for in-house registration.