Description: Participate in a fun mobile game from our                                school days. Consisting of 10 levels including                          deathmatches, race, capturing the flag and                              more fun drizzled modes. One who scores                              most points wins.

               Date: 8th March

Rules: 1) Participants must register themselves first

            2) Game will be a Solo Free for all mode with 10                        different levels

            3) Player with most points at the end of the game wins

            4) Cheating, Profanity or abusing in chat/voice                            channel will cause disqualification of that player

            5) Participants are responsible for their own internet                      connectivity, ping.

            6) Rules are subject to change and new rules can be                    added at anytime by coordinators. In any dispute                    coordinator’s decision will be final.


Winner: Rs750

runner up : Rs500

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