(Draw what you imagine)


You will be given a Paragraph write up. Make the artwork by imagining the scenery, the characters all by yourself.

Theme: Bright|Dark (check the details below, SELECT ONE and get started)


Bright theme:

 It was a full moon night. The silver rays stenciling  the sea,  shone into the hall through windows which reached to the ceiling.  A ceiling which had no ends, studded with stars and galaxies. Candles hung down from it,  by invisible strings .Muted light shone from the torches by the sandstone walls of the Great Hall The insignias of the house, illuminated by the blue mystical lights  which shone around the couple guarding them and the holy grail. The magnificent cup reflected the silver rays of the moon onto the couple . The white gown  fitted through her hips, flitting out in waves to the floor. The short lace sleeves  that led  to a high collar  genuinely gave her the princess look. Over the dress, a sleeveless cape like coat flowed  out behind her, making a train.
He was wearing his crown, and the suit with the blue sash and the medals. 
              ------ The King and the Queen's wedding . 

Dark  theme: 

The dawn sky , blue and black , the waning moon beyond the horizon , reflected on the still waters of the lake . The trees stood tall and bare, some bent down as if to reach the  waters . Water which looked like a mirror . It reflected the sky , the trees and the old wooden boat docked by the shore . Through the peeling paint and the broken hull, a weak light shone . In the dark and the shadows stood a man,  tall and mysterious,  looking straight into the boat, as if it reminded him of something. Fish swimming here and there, were the only things in motion. Everything else gave a scary static ambience, the still lake, moon, old wooden boat and the man who stood still.


  • Team size: NA

  •  Judging Criteria: Creativity, technique, complexity, neatness, overall impact.

Deadline for submission: 12th March

  • Click photos of at least 3 stages of your art - Initial, half done, and final work.

  • Record a video of at least 45 seconds while working. The artwork and the participant should be clearly visible in the video. Note that the video should be ‘one-shot, no transition.

  • Use of unfair means, explicit content or references is        prohibited and shall lead to immediate disqualification

  • Note that the video should not be edited in any way. Use of any kind of special effects is STRICTLY prohibited and will lead to direct disqualification.


Winner: Rs1500

1st runner up: Rs1000

2nd runner up: Rs500

            For IISER Bpr                                                           For Non-IISER Bpr