Home Improv-ment

(Live acting)


Improve is on the spot acting and dialogue delivery. Everything on the spot. The idea is of doing an emotional quadrant where some situation will be given on the spot and the participants will be given any emotion to enact that scene in, this cycle will continue as every new participant will have to carry forward the scene but with different emotions.


  • Team size: Solo

  • Judging criteria: Creativity, spontaneity, expressions,  confidence, overall impression.

  • Event date: 6th March

General Rules(LIVE EVENT):

  • The participants must ensure a stable internet connection during the event

  • Participants can use both Hindi and English as their medium of communication during the event

  • The participants must also have a working web cam on whatever device they will be using during the course of the event.


Winner: Rs. 1500

1st runner up: Rs. 1000

2nd runner up: Rs. 500

            For IISER Bpr                                                           For Non-IISER Bpr