(Thematic Dance)


The participants would be given a theme to dance on. Participants can dance on only instrumental audios and voice-overs. Any type of dance form and props are allowed.



  • Team Size: 1-8 + 1 Editor

  • Styles: Contemporary (Fusion of other western styles is allowed)

  • Judging Criteria: Choreography, Concept and Depiction, Synchronization, Expressions, Costumes(Basic color code), Track Selection, Overall impact

  • Deadline for submission: 12th March

  • Theme: Social Issues

  • Time limit: 3 - 5 minutes

  • Voice over time limit: 1- 2 minutes

  • The performance necessarily has to be thematic

  • Teams have to write a narration explaining their theme in not more than 150 words

  • Rename the final video as ''Team name@Izraz''

Guidelines to prepare your entry:

  • Participants can choose to record a video in the following ways:

  • Record videos individually from their respective places, and then these individual videos can be compiled to make a single entry.

  • Use any video-conferencing platforms such as zoom to record the video

  • Any other way you feel comfortable, but participants can’t meet each other in person to record the videos together

  • All the participants should appear on the screen together for at least 30 seconds.

General Rules:

  • Adding additional elements in the video is not allowed. Use of any kind of special effects is strictly prohibited.

  • Usage of props is allowed



Winner - Rs. 2500

1st Runner up - Rs. 1800

2nd Runner up - Rs. 1000

            For IISER Bpr                                                           For Non-IISER Bpr