Few can claim to have the capability to hold the attention of a crowd as masterfully as a decent band. We underestimate the might music holds. Lets see how powerful your band stands in the battle!

Registration fees: Rs 300/team

Contact : Kshitij Behera


Phone no:9938084695

Payment via Gpay/Phonepe: 9938084695


  • There will be one round.

  • A band can have 4-10 members.

  •  Stage time given to each team will be a maximum of 30 minutes (plugin and plug-out time included).

  • Points will be deducted for exceeding the limit.

  •  In case the event gets delayed, the organizers reserve the right to reduce the time slot for each band, without any prior notice. All teams will be required to make changes on the spot and adjust to the new time limit.

  •  Drum set, stage monitors, guitar amplifiers and microphones will be provided. Bands are requested to bring all the other required equipment.

  • No guide tracks, backing tracks, presets in the keyboard, pre-recorded music or computed beats should be used. Usage will lead to immediate disqualification.

  •  Own compositions and improvisations will have more weight.

  •  There are no restrictions on language and genre.

  •  Judging will be based on compositions, vocal quality, quality of performance and sync amongst the band members.

  •  Failing to adhere to the rules will lead to disqualification.

  •  In case of any conflict, the judges’ decision will be final. Results once declared will be final and binding.



FIRST PRIZE      : Rs 5000