This game needs no introduction. Highly competitive game with epic game moments. Show us your crisp 1 taps like ScreaM or the amazing team synergy of Astralis. Come in a team of 5 players and the map is all yours.


  • Date: 8th and 9th March

  • Participants must register their teams

  • One team must consist of 5 players only

  • Maximum Skill level: Distinguished Master Guardian

  • Minimum hours played: 700hours

  • Round-Robin tournament system where each team will face off with every other team in a competitive match and the team at the top of the chart wins. In case of ties additional matches will be conducted

  • Participants are responsible for their own internet        connectivity, ping

  • Rules are subject to change and new rules can be        added anytime by coordinators. In any dispute            coordinator’s decision will be final

  • Cheating, Profanity or abusing in chat/voice channel will cause disqualification of that player


Winner: Rs. 2000/team

Runner up: Rs. 1000/team

            For IISER Bpr                                                           For Non-IISER Bpr