El Dood

(Doodling Competition)


A generic doodle making competition. You are sitting at home trying to pass your leisure time with some doodling which is one of the creative expressions which all of you do in your life. Doodle your free will.



  • Team Size: Solo

  • Judging Criteria: Creativity, technique, theme incorporation, complexity, neatness, overall impact.

Deadline for submission: 12th March


  • Medium: Black ball point pens, black gel pen, black marker.

  • Paper: A4 size white paper.

  • Click photos of at least 3 stages of your art - Initial, half-done, and final work.

  • Record a video of at least 45 seconds while working. The artwork and the participant should be clearly visible in the video. Note that the video should be ‘one-shot, no-transition’

General Rules:

  • Only 1 entry is allowed per participant.

  • Use of unfair means, explicit content or references is prohibited and shall lead to immediate disqualification.

  • Note that the video should not be edited in any way. Use of any kind of special effects is STRICTLY prohibited and will lead to direct disqualification.



Winner - Rs. 1500

1st Runner up - Rs. 1000

2nd Runner up - Rs. 500

Note: This event is for IISER Bpr people and the link provided here is for in-house registration.