(Solo acting)


The participants will have to send a maximum of 5 min video of them enacting a scene. Creativity is welcomed; you can create your own dialogues to enact.



  • Team size: solo

  • Judging criteria: Dialogue delivery, voice modulation, expressions, content , creativity. 

  • Deadline for submission: 12th March 

Submission rules(online):

  • Time: 2 to 5 minutes

  • Record the video and rename it as ''YOUR NAME@monologue''

General Rules:

  • The act can be in either Hindi or English or both. Creativity is welcome, you can write your own dialogues and enact

  • Performance must be in a single video without any interruptions or blackouts.

  • The video must be recorded from a static camera. No multiple angles/moving cameras are allowed.

  • The videos should not be edited in any way. Use of any kind of special effects is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.



Winner - Rs. 2500

1st Runner up - Rs. 1800

2nd Runner up - Rs. 1000

            For IISER Bpr                                                           For Non-IISER Bpr