• This is a group event. Each team must have three members.

  • There will be one round.

  •  Each team is supposed to make a story using a maximum of 6 photographs. There should be a 500-words write-up describing the story.

  •  Entries with offensive or inappropriate content will be disqualified.

  •  The entries must be submitted on or before 10th March 2020. Any entry sent later will not be accepted.

  •  The submission of entry would be regarded as the contestants having given permission to KYRAT ‘20 to use the photographs for publicity and other purposes in the form of broadcast, electronic media, print or social networking without any remuneration.

  •  The submitted images should be in JPEG format (150 dpi recommended).

  •  Digital enhancements that distort the reality of the image are not allowed, only basic editing like sharpening, contrast adjustment, colour correction, and simple cropping is allowed.

  •  Both color and monochrome images will be accepted.

  •  The entries should not have any watermark on them.

  •  The judge’s decision will be final and binding.

  •  The rules of the competition will not be altered or relaxed for any contestant regardless of the situation.

  •  If it comes to notice of event coordinators that the participant has violated any rules mentioned above, the entry will be disqualified as per their discretion.

  • Entries from each institute should be uploaded to a Google Drive/OneDrive/Dropbox folder and shared with email id:

  Registration fees: Rs 100

  1st Prize: Rs 2000

  2nd Prize: Rs 1000