(Solo Instrument Competition)


The participants will have to convey an idea or concept using strictly non-vocal methods. They are allowed to do an instrumental cover of a pre-existing song that conveys the idea or compose a new song altogether. As in the previous event, each musician must send a video of them playing as well.



  • Team Size: Solo

  • Judging Criteria: Accuracy of notes, Rhythm, selection of composition/original composition, Technique, Overall Impact

Deadline for submission: 12th March

  • Participants have to record a video of themselves while playing any one instrument.

  • Time Limit: 2 - 4 minutes

  • Rename the final video as ‘'Your name@MuteBard”

General Rules:

  • Note that the video should not be edited in any way. Use of any kind of special effects is STRICTLY prohibited and will lead to direct disqualification



Winner - Rs. 1500

1st Runner up - Rs. 1000

2nd Runner up - Rs. 500

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