(Live story writing)


Participants will be given a topic to write a story on and then will be thrown with curveballs or plot additions at random intervals which they have to include in their story on the go.



  • THEME: Will be provided on spot

  • Judging Criteria: Creativity, originality and flexibility of thinking

Date of event: 6th March


  • Participants will be given a 1 to 1.5 hour window during which they will be connected to the invigilators through discord through which they will be updated on the plot additions in the same order.

  • Finalists will have to submit their final work as a word file or PDF.

General Rules:

  • Finalists will have to upload a PDF file.

  • The word limit is 280- 320 words

  • The story can be handwritten/ typed down.

  • Only 1 entry is allowed per participant

  • Plagiarised works will be disqualified.


Winner: Rs1500

1st runner up: Rs1000

2nd runner up: Rs500

            For IISER Bpr                                                           For Non-IISER Bpr

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