Let's MEET
(Video call converstaion)

Description: Record a video call conversation as a short                              movie. Here is an example of how you can                              remotely make it happen too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO_p_Q0jquE

Rules: 1) Team size : duet/group

            2) Judging criteria : creativity, entertainment quotient,                    originality, storyline

            3) Deadline for submission : 12th March

            4) Submission rules (online) :

  • Time limit: 3-8 minutes

  •  Record the video and rename it as - “Team name@Let’sMEET”

            5) The act can be in Hindi or English or both , with                      whichever language the participants are                                  comfortable.

            6) Use your creativity to the maximum level and come                  up with original storyline, characters and dialogues                  for the short film.

            7) Credits can be given at the end of the short film                        and must be included in the time limit given.


winner: Rs2000

1st runner up: Rs1500

2nd runner up: Rs1000

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